Monday, January 2, 2012

My First Mountain Bike Ride

Summary of Post
I have had my mountain bike (Kermit) for 7 years, but mostly rode Rails-to-Trails in the US. Just twice on tame single track at Harrison Hills Park. Spencer lugged Kermit over to Malaysia in 2010, but I was too scared to ride on actual mountain biking trails. Today I rode 10 km on beginner trails in FRIM. I fell down. But that's ok. I think I'm going to be just fine :D

Kermit with his gaggle of admirers. Ain't he a looker?
By the way, I'm going to save my story on how I acquired this dratted bike phobia for another post. I think you might enjoy that one. It's got all the essentials of a good story: Blood, Gore and Sex... okay, there's no Sex. But it's still a good story.

I'm sitting at the computer, pecking away at the keyboard and feeling so pleased with myself that I just had to share it with The World :D.

Today I managed TWO stupendous achievements:

1) I switched out the road slicks to fat tires. With no outside assistance.
2) I rode 10 km on mtb trails.

Stupendous Achievement #1

To switch out bike tires is not complicated. It's merely nearly physically impossible (at times). (See 'How to Change Bike Tires')

Stupendous Achievement #2
I clipped into my pedals and slowly cycled up the hill to the Bukit Idaman Water Tower. There's a short, very steep and narrow section at the start of the trail that is non-rideable. I half carried, pushed, dragged Kermit up that part. The ride was a bit scary, but I kinda knew what to expect. I started exploring these trails last month, and decided that I felt ok about attempting to ride some of them. I went verrrry slow. I only fell once. That was because I steered Kermit into a huge log hidden in the weeds. The 10 km out and back took 1.5 hrs. I run faster than that! But I'm cutting back on running to give my plantar fasciitis a chance to heal. I think Kermit really likes getting out there too. :)

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xo Gracie

Oh ya, I posted 2011 'Reminiscing' on my other blog 'Health Matters'.

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