Monday, January 2, 2012

How to: Change Bike Tires

I swapped out the road slicks on Kermit and put on big fat knobby tires today. Here's how:

What you need
I had the fat tires, inner tubes, tire levers and pump.

Step-by-Step How To
First, I took the wheels off the bike. Then, I let out all the air and pulled the tire and tube off the rim

Oh ya, the threads on the tires are supposed to go a certain way, so check the tire to make sure it's installed for rolling in the right direction.

Note the arrows pointing to 'Rear' and 'Front'.
I eased one side of the fat tire bead over the wheel rim.  Next, I blew some air into the tube to give it some shape and screwed the valve close. The valve on the tube fits through the valve stem hole on the wheel.

Then I eased the other side/bead of the tire onto the rim, using the levers to get the last difficult part in. It took me two tries (I installed one of the tires facing the wrong direction) and a whole hour before I got it.

Tire lever can help you take off and put on tires

Then I got so tired and hungry that I had to eat some more, and take a little break! With some practice, I should get better at this ya? :D

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xo Gracie

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