Wednesday, January 18, 2012

KL-PD-KL Birthday Bike-Run-Swim Triathlon

I Kena Racun! Since I started getting better from chronic illness and more and more involved in triathlons, I've become addicted to any form of physical exertion. And the Ironman, Ultraman and Superman characters whom I hang out with (you know who you are) have further encouraged my current fitness craze. I actually now think that cycling 80 km to Port Dickson, then running and swimming for another hour each, is a GREAT idea! Especially for a birthday celebration!

So when Syerol invited me to this tri birthday bash for himself, Cynthia, Pui San and Rupert, I immediately said yes. Even though I didn't have a bike and therefore couldn't cycle. Nor should I be doing any running (thanks so much plantar fasciitis!). I figured even if I couldn't do it, I could tumpang gembira and cheer on my buddies, and make myself useful. Plus, I looked forward to the swim.

I didn't accompany the group going to PD as I had a prior appointment, but I heard they had a rockin' time. I think the main benefit or perk of exercising is being able to eat a LOT. Breakfast at 6 am at Rupert's (the roll out point) was popiah, teh tarik, curry puffs and donuts. There were three 'refuelling' stops at Petronas stations (at the 32, 62 and 73 km mark). More food! And birthday cakes! Petronas, who sponsored the grub, even put out a banner welcoming the athletes and friends. The ride was without major mishap - a bumper-to-bumper collision between Nyan and Pui San resulted in some nasty scrapes and bruises though. Thank God nothing serious.

Front L-R: Pui San, Rupert, Richard, Nik Raiha, Keat Cheong, Zheng, Yvonne
Back L-R: Cynthia, Ellya, Eugene, Dayan, Nyan, Pn Liza, Syerol,  Darimi, Nurina
(Photo credit: Syerol Nizam... I think!?)
When I arrived at the rented apartment (Marina Bay Condo) at 3.30 pm, half of them were semi-comatose on any available horizontal surface.

Photo credit: Richard Tang
I did my pitch to Pui San for the P90X, and ended up recruiting a couple more to the program haha.
Ellya doing 'Bicycles' P90X

A few of the guys mustered up the energy to go for a run, while I joined the majority in their snoozefest. Then we all gathered at the beach for a swim. Pui San and I did kayak safety escort for their 1 km swim. That was the time I really, really wished I had the Olympus waterproof camera. The shots as the swimmers stroked towards me (the anchor kayak) would have been spectacular. Haizzz. After that Pui San kayaked while I swam. I was so happy to have gotten a swim in. It felt goooood. (I still can't swim straight!)

Photo taken by Elsa, David's bethrothed :)
After dinner at a nice restaurant - and yet another cake! - we hung out at the apartment while I massaged a bunch of sweaty, muscled calves. I lost count of how many calves after a while, but it was a good two hour upper body workout for me haha. I picked up some good techniques from Richard, and by the end of it I had decided that I will sign up for a 2 day sports massage course with Equal Fitness at the end of the month.

The next morning's ride back was largely without Richard (who cycled at about half the speed of light back to KL for an appointment), and happily degenerated into a Makanthon under Rupert's capable leadership. I think we stopped 6 times or something. We seemed to be stopping to 'regroup' every 10-15 km. At these 'regroupings', the support car people (Nurina and myself) would bring out a bunch of sustenance (Raiha's choc cupcakes, Yvonne's Big Apple donuts, my choc chip cookies, chips, Nurina cut watermelon, etc). The cyclists would fall ravenously upon these offerings to 'carbo load' for the next extremely gruelling 10 km or so. And so it was till the end of the ride. I am looking forward to joining one of these rides some time haha.

Sun morn, just before heading back to KL

One of the many stops for photo session and makan session

Without Sifu Richard to keep them on the straight and narrow, these notty cyclists decide to hail the bus home instead
Guys and gals, thanks for the great weekend, thanks for the memories and Happy Birthday Syerol, Cynthia, Pui San and Rupert!

Here's a VIDEO I put together as a gift to Tadanamo and friends.

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xo Gracie


  1. Nice blog. Didn't know they stop so often on the returning trip. They suppose to use this opportunity to train too but looks like everyone were spoiled by the yummy food :-D

  2. Uhoh, Sifu Richard found out about the Makanthon on the way back already. :p Btw, your face featured in the video. You like? :)


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