Thursday, September 13, 2012

Inner Heel Pain: Trigger Point Therapy

Previously: Plantar fasciitis Heel Pain
In a previous post, I described how to locate and deactivate trigger points for plantar fasciitis, which gives a sharp pain directly on the heel. Plantar fasciitis pain is worst upon waking up in the morning, and it comes right back after sitting down for a long time.

This Post: Inner Heel Pain
I'll tackle trigger pointing inner heel pain. I had both plantar fasciitis and inner heel pain, and found trigger points that made the pain go away. Runners unite against Heel Pain!

Where and What
The pain on your inner heel is on the Adductor hallucis muscle. The trigger points are in the 'belly' of that muscle.

Use your thumbs or fingers to feel along the adductor hallucis. You might find two trigger points.

Credit: 'The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook'
These trigger points will feel like a solid crunchy/mass/lump about the size of a pea that hurts like heck when you push on them. Actually, the entire area around the trigger point will also hurt, so it will hurt when you try to find the trigger point. But it is very important that you find it so you can directly deactivate it.

  • Self massage: My second finger works better for me than my thumbs in locating the the trigger point.  I find one lump in my right adductor hallucis when I run my left second finger from arch to back of heel as hard as I can. 
  • Helping hand: Thumbs work better when locating and deactivating trigger points on another person. Today I found a monstrous one on Ruth's inner heel, drawing my thumb firmly across the adductor hallucis (also from arch to back of heel). 

Heal Pain!
Firmly rub on the trigger point/s 6-12 times, in a rolling motion. You could also use a golf ball to get in deep.

It's okay to cry. Screaming is optional.

Repeat this every hour or two. I mean the trigger pointing. :p

What to Expect
I've found this inner heel pain more stubborn and persistent than my plantar fasciitis pain. I've found that I need to trigger point this regularly, especially after long runs. But it works. Once I find the trigger point and deactivate it, the pain goes away.

You? Pain?
Did trigger point help your inner heel pain? Any problems finding that trigger point? Would seeing a video tutorial help?

Where else do you hurt? Achilles tendinitis? ITB? I'm all ears!


  1. Thanks for the post, Helpful treatments :)

  2. I think it is inner heel pain that I have. But I can't find the trigger points. Do you feel the mass where the trigger points are? Or where the pain in the heel is? I am desperate to run again! :-)

    1. Hi Jo-Lynne! The trigger points for inner heel pain will be on the inner heel - when you press/rub hard with your thumb/fingers you'll feel those trigger points as lumpy crunchy like bits. Most tend to be roundish and depending on how severe the problem is, range from raisin to grape size. Let me know if you manage to find them - let's get 'em!!

  3. Do you plan to do a "how to" video? It would very helpful!

    1. Ah thanks for your comment! I'll put one together whenever I get some time this month!

  4. Hi Grace..
    I really appreciate your info on FP. This is what i am experiencing right now, and the medication seems not helping at all. At the moment, my calf muscles are really tight. A hand rubbing there helped a bit to release the bruise feeling at my feet.. See what it can help me in a week from now..Thanks a lot. and I will find the book as well..

  5. Salwana thanks for your positive feedback and glad the trigger pointing on your calf helped with the foot pain. Let me know how it goes!

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