Wednesday, January 18, 2012

KL-PD-KL Birthday Bike-Run-Swim Triathlon

I Kena Racun! Since I started getting better from chronic illness and more and more involved in triathlons, I've become addicted to any form of physical exertion. And the Ironman, Ultraman and Superman characters whom I hang out with (you know who you are) have further encouraged my current fitness craze. I actually now think that cycling 80 km to Port Dickson, then running and swimming for another hour each, is a GREAT idea! Especially for a birthday celebration!

So when Syerol invited me to this tri birthday bash for himself, Cynthia, Pui San and Rupert, I immediately said yes. Even though I didn't have a bike and therefore couldn't cycle. Nor should I be doing any running (thanks so much plantar fasciitis!). I figured even if I couldn't do it, I could tumpang gembira and cheer on my buddies, and make myself useful. Plus, I looked forward to the swim.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Multi Purpose Insurans Run 2012 Report

The MPIB run (or MPIR) held this morn 8 Jan 2012 was superbly organized, with plenty of water and 100+ stations, and a huge contingent of enthusiastic volunteers. These volunteers were constantly plying us with drinks, snapping photos like paparazzi (but nice paparazzis ya), and generally making sure all 3700 runners had the best race possible. The only thing they didn't do was help me to run this thing! (Read a volunteer supervisor Frank Chong's report HERE)

And oh my, the goodies - race kit had a whole box of Nestle Fitnesse Cereal (not those little dinky samples), good quality New Balance running tee, and 20&50% discount vouchers for New Balance and Sworke sunglasses (anyone want mine FOC?). Finishers race bag had High 5 sausage bun, water, banana and mandarin orange. We also had Nestle Tropicana Lime ice cream, and free flow of Milo, Nescafe, Fitnesse Cereal with milk, and 100+. The registration fee of RM48 (late bird) certainly got us a lot.

The 12 km race route included the 'Reverse Double Hills', which is supposedly 'easier' than the Double Hills. The route was extremely pleasant running, and throwing in the bonus hills makes it challenging and memorable. Now this is just a newbie's opinion (mine). I have taken part in only one running race here (the Putrajaya Night Marathon 2011), and was never much of an athlete back in school days, but I think it's fair to say the organizers put together a race that is going to be a staple 'must do' on the local runners' calendar in future years. Here's the route below:

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fun with Synthol: Come get your Fake Muscles Here!

I remember watching this video last year and was floored by it. This guy would be so funny to watch, if he weren't so sad. In this vid, he (purportedly) says he wants to share his workout tips with aspiring body builders out there so they can "get ripped like me and get respect from women". His muscles look strange because they're fake. Not from steroids, but from injecting Synthol. This stuff - comprising 85% oil, lidocain and alcohol - is injected directly into muscle tissue to make muscles look 'nicer'. You can buy it anywhere, and some bodybuilders use it.

Apparently using it can cause 'pulmonary embolisms, nerve damage, stroke, infections... " and also gross out unsuspecting folks like myself who watched this other video of Synthol being drained from a chap's infected bicep. WARNING: Don't watch this if you have a weak stomach or full stomach.

Timex Global Trainer GPS Review

One of my favorite pieces of gear right now is my Timex Global Trainer with GPS navigation. It is also my first piece of super-high-tech training equipment and something that I would have never dreamed of owning because it's so expensive. However, thanks to Agnes accepting whatever I could scrape together from my meagre bank account at that time, I became the happy owner of TGT.

First Impressions

My chunky wrist adornment
Most people I meet exclaim how HUGE the thing is. I take this as a compliment. It's most definitely eye-catching! Folks, TGT isn't all that big. It's my wrist that's small. :p

Monday, January 2, 2012

How to: Change Bike Tires

I swapped out the road slicks on Kermit and put on big fat knobby tires today. Here's how:

What you need
I had the fat tires, inner tubes, tire levers and pump.

Step-by-Step How To
First, I took the wheels off the bike. Then, I let out all the air and pulled the tire and tube off the rim

My First Mountain Bike Ride

Summary of Post
I have had my mountain bike (Kermit) for 7 years, but mostly rode Rails-to-Trails in the US. Just twice on tame single track at Harrison Hills Park. Spencer lugged Kermit over to Malaysia in 2010, but I was too scared to ride on actual mountain biking trails. Today I rode 10 km on beginner trails in FRIM. I fell down. But that's ok. I think I'm going to be just fine :D

Kermit with his gaggle of admirers. Ain't he a looker?
By the way, I'm going to save my story on how I acquired this dratted bike phobia for another post. I think you might enjoy that one. It's got all the essentials of a good story: Blood, Gore and Sex... okay, there's no Sex. But it's still a good story.

I'm sitting at the computer, pecking away at the keyboard and feeling so pleased with myself that I just had to share it with The World :D.

Today I managed TWO stupendous achievements: