Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gracie vs Dean Karnazes

Now before you say who is this ‘Gracie’ and who does she think she is hah?, trying to compare herself with Dean Karnazes The Ultramarathon Demi-God, let me tell you, Dean and I actually share quite a few things in common. Here are some similarities between Dean and I.

Basic Stats
I’m just a bit younger.
Nearly the same height = Similiarity #1
154 lb
 102 lb
Not that big a difference, right? 
Pulse@ rest
I’m normal okay. He’s the one who’s a freak!
% body fat
Wow I’m nearly 20% fat.
Blood pressure
100/60 mm Hg
110/65 mm Hg
Aha! You see! Dean and I, almost same blood pressure = Similiarity #2.

Longest distance raced
Dean: 350 miles in 3 days with no sleep (2005)
Gracie: 6 miles in 4 hours also with no sleep (Similiarity #3). This was achieved at the 2008 Eco X-Sprint, for my honeymoon (as evidence I submit Exhibit A below). 

Exhibit A
Erm... actually since my hubby carried me most of the way, maybe it doesn’t count. 

Hmm… how about the Kayuh Lasak Penang 2010 then? I walked about 15 miles of the 30 mile bike course because fixie bike got no brakes. Record time of 4 hours. Whose record? My record. This one for real one! Sorry no photo hee hee... Moving on...

Daily Training Regimen
Dean: 400 pushups, 800 situps, 100 pullups, at least 10 mile run.
Gracie: 3 pushups…. Ok ok, 2 pushups only lah… hee hee. Ok la, I can’t do one pushup yet. At least I can do 9.75 situps! I can also do a few pull ups - after every bathroom break I pull up my shorts. Sorry about this lame attempt at humor (I'm not really sorry).

Dean: No sugar, fried foods, junk food – a ‘slow carb’ diet, but when running eats any food he can find.
Gracie: No sugar, fried foods, junk food – a ‘low carb’ diet. When running, if eat, will puke. I dare to eat a sago grub, cicada or cricket though. Does that count? I submit as evidence Exhibit B below.

Exhibit B 

Injuries/Medical problems
Dean: None. Dean is Bionic Man.
Me? Got lah, a few. Sometimes my insides (gut) bleeds, occasionally my kidneys leak protein and blood, osteoporosis, arthritis (not so bad), cataract (not yet ‘ripe’ enough to operate) and some other small things. No biggie. You see la, once I get better, I’m going to FLY, just like in my dreams.

(See I'm smiling, like having fun? As for Dean, all he can do is look hot.)

Next goal
Dean: Run 500 miles non-stop while raising awareness of organ donation and simultaneously achieving world peace.
Gracie: Finish Last in the Port Dickson Triathlon Sprint Distance! (800 m swim, 20 km bike, 5 km run)

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xo Gracie

(Photo credits: Dean in sunnies - framesdirectblog.com; Dean looking hot - Patrik Giardino runnersworld.com; Gracie smiling - Hoohaasia.com)


  1. Yoon! You are the only one who appreciates my twisted sense of humor. :) Thinking of doing Grace vs Lance (Armstrong) next hehe.


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