Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Xterra Pro Full Suit Triathlon Wetsuit at 50% off

Of the triathlon wetsuits that I've tried (Orca Predator, Quintana Roo Superfull, Xterra Pro), I liked Xterra the best.

The Orca Predator (MSRP $400) and the Quintana Roo Superfull (MSRP $550) were both a little tight in the shoulders with stiffer material than the Xterra Pro Fullsuit (MSRP $600).

My hubs has the basic Xterra Vortex (MSRP  $400) and is very happy with it. He's had it for three seasons now and it is holding up well - no rips or tears (yet!). I've only ever used the Xterra Pro (thanks Siok Bee for the loan!) and I remember how comfy it was in the shoulders and how flexible the suit was. It fit like a second skin.

I believe the Xterra wetsuits are better than other wetsuits at the same price point. For one, Xterra wetsuits are extremely buoyant. Their 5 mm thick neoprene extends throughout the entire wetsuit unlike other brands that have thinner neoprene on the legs and arms. A nice consequence is that your legs will float / less drag, and in a way corrects / compensates for not-so-good swimming technique/posture hehe.

If you're shopping for a wetsuit, and have decided on the Xterra brand, I'd go for the Pro instead of the Vortex. Why? Well, because you can almost always find a 50% discount coupon code floating around the web, and that would bring the cost of the Pro to $300. With free shipping anywhere in the USA and a 15 day return-n-exchange guarantee, it's a no brainer (in my opinion anyway).

Click on this link to get to Xterra Wetsuits, sign up with your email, and use code AUG50 to snag the wetsuit of your choice at half off.

Even better, at the moment there is a 55% discount code that will help make you a proud owner of the Xterra Pro at $270. Click through here and enter SWIM12 plus sign up with your email to get this offer. Not sure how long this offer will last though.

Happy Tri-ing!

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