Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Total Immersion Classes Malaysia: RM25 Discount off Level 1


Since Total Immersion came to Malaysia last year, the programme has taken off big time! Advanced Aquatics who provides TI classes in Kuala Lumpur has graduated over 60 fishlike swimmers for Level 1 so far, and word of mouth from TI converts (including yours truly) continues to draw more people in.

Is Total Immersion for me?
Yes! TI will help you swim more efficiently. You'll use the high-elbow, gravity-aided 'spear' and hip rotation to slice quietly into, and glide powerfully through the water. (All technical-sounding but it basically means 'to swim fishlike' :p). And you'll be pleasantly surprised that you're going farther with so much less effort since your stroke will no longer be powered by churning arms and legs (as conventionally taught), but instead, by your core. Yes, that's right - your core (read: abs). 'How am I going to swim with my core?', you may ask. Well you'll find out when you start your TI journey :)

For triathletes (who comprise the majority of TI students), a more efficient swim translates to having more in the tank for the bike and run legs in a triathlon. That makes for a more enjoyable race, maybe even a spot on the podium :)

For total noobs who just want to be able to enjoy swimming instead of struggling breathlessly to get to the other end of the pool, swimming will become relaxing - even effortless ... Total Immersion completely changed the way I swim, the way I perceive swimming, and distances of 4 km (such as for the Ironman swim) or more, are now achievable. I smile when I remember how 25 m in the pool was such a 'workout'!

Where can I find more info?
Hook up with Advanced Aquatics through their Contact Page or through Facebook to ask about the Level 1 Total Immersion class packages. Say Grace sent you to receive RM25 off the package price! Advanced Aquatics also has great value-added promotions from time to time and you can stay updated by liking them on Facebook. You can also subscribe to my blogposts to receive TI updates and promo notifications in your email inbox (click on 'subscribe by email' on the right sidebar). I'm currently putting together a video of my swim before and after TI (Level 1 and 2). Stay tuned!

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xo Gracie

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Total immersion students imprinting 'high elbow' in their muscle memory at the Sri KDU pool. Small class size and experienced coaches ensure you'll receive personal attention and progress well.


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