Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Rachel Carson Trail: Secret Treneng Files

The past two weeks I have been running every few days at the Harrison Hills Park. Nothing major, as I want to be careful to prevent Mr Plantar Fasciitis from rearing his ugly head. I've also been trigger-pointing myself throughout the day and that has effectively stopped my heel pain. (I promise I'll blog about my plantar fasciitis cure soon. Promise!)

Today I decided to try a section of the Rachel Carson Trail, which conveniently starts right next to our home. With the Rachel Carson Trail Challenge (34 miles) fresh in my mind, thanks to my ultra marathon buds Ben Brucker (who won first place - out of 582 participants - with a sub seven hour time), I now harbored some vague hope of attempting it next year :p

I'm going to call it the Rachel Carson Obstacle Course. In the short 5 km section of trail I went on, I had to climb over 6 fallen trees, ford two rivers, flee from a mob of feral horses, a rafter of turkeys, assorted deer, a rabid fox and other wildlife!!

Ok, well, I'm exaggerating just a bit, about the river crossings. They were just little streamlets. 

And ok, the horses weren't wild, they were just trying to be friendly. 

Just seconds later I was fleeing for my life as the horses started running towards me. Maybe they wanted a carrot.

But I had to cross an electric fence. For real.

What trail run has electric fence crossings? :O

At least I didn't have to contend with any snakes this time. 

Nearly landed on this snake at Harrison Hills. Last time I stepped on a snake, I ended up in the emergency ward :p

My feet are a little sore now after 10 km of trails. So I'm trigger-pointing, massaging then stretching tonight (in that exact order). 

This steep downhill doesn't look so steep in this pic hoh?

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xo Gracie

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