Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Nathan Intensity Race Hydration Pack for Women: Buy or Not?

I'm *this close* to buying this pack. I'm finally (thanks be to God and to trigger point therapy) back on the trails pain-free again, and my existing packs (Camelbak Skeeter, Reebok, Salomon etc) ain't gonna cut it for my planned longer runs.

While there is the newer model (2.0) of the Nathan pack, this partickular one is on sale, and it receives glowing reviews from a bunch of satisfied reviewers. About 99% of the reviewers on REI use it for their ultramarathons. Maybe if I possess this pack, I could also somehow run an ultramarathon too! :p

Ok, gotta do some preventative plantar fasciitis triggerpoint therapy now.

xo Gracie


  1. just buy ler.. If u dun like sell it back on ebay.. Muaahahhahah

    1. Hehe Mich, I ordered it already. Will field test it when it gets here. Can't wait!


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