Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Before Total Immersion: Video Analysis Workshop of Some Lady Trying to Swim

Hi everyone! As promised, here are the highly anticipated - and extremely embarassing (thank heavens it's not me!) - video and selected photos of the Total Immersion Video Analysis Workshop held on Day 1 of the inaugural TI Freestyle Course in Kuala Lumpur last week.

First things first
The subject in the photos and video IS NOT ME! For your information, I am an awesome swimmer, and in fact I am so amazing that I can swim 750 m and even 1.5 km (See evidence HERE and HERE). It's obvious the lady swimmi... no, make that *trying* to swim in the vids here is moving a lot but going nowhere. No way she will last even 25 m. Now that this important fact has been established, let's start tearing into her stroke style :D

Underwater screenshots of video of some lady trying to swim.

Coach Tang's Analysis
Coach Tang will slow-mo through the entire video and pause it to point out everything wrong about the stroke. Every. Single. Thing. *gulp* (Thanks Coach Tang!)

Why I am sharing this embarassing analysis with you? First, so that when you yourself do the TI Video Analysis Workshop, you will know what to expect (and wear a nice swim suit)! Second, if you are making the same mistakes as m... I mean, that lady, maybe you can try fixing them before the Video Analysis Workshop. Last, but not least, because the person in the video isn't me! That's right, NOT ME!

The lady in the underwater photos above, needs to fix a lot about her stroke. In the first picture, positives: body rotated, head kinda looking down. Not good: Legs sink waaay too low, creating drag (body not streamlined). Her right arm too high, causes legs to drop. Right shoulder not low enough. She should position her right shoulder lower so that her legs rise. Head not looking down enough. In the second picture, positives: body rotated. Not good: Her left arm is trying too hard to push down to raise her head out of the water to breathe. Her head is coming too far out of the water, causing her legs to sink. She needs to work on her breathing. As her left arm spears into the water, her head should parallel follow that arm, at the same time tilt to right to take breath. Raise the chin to breathe instead of trying to get the whole head out of the water to take that breath, lady!

And here's the video of this same lady trying to swim (above water video). Basically the same comments. You can see how her legs sink, and how she is raising her head too high whenever she tries to take a breath. It totally throws her streamline position out of whack.

For your information, this lady underwent the Total Immersion Freestyle Mastery Course and now her stroke is better. Come back in September to view the pics and video analysis of her improved stroke! A click on any ad below this post will put a few cents in my pocket, from the advertisers. Thanks for supporting my blog!

xo Gracie

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