Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Life Saving Society Bronze Medallion in 1 Hour Course?

What? One hour can get Bronze Medallion?
After I accompanied Cynthia on her first 1.5 km open water swim at Port Dickson last Sunday, and following Raymond’s suggestion, I called up the Life Saving Society Malaysia today and was referred to an instructor who could certify me for the Bronze Medallion. Cost RM250. After work today, I drove to the Titiwangsa Golf Club, quick introductions with Azahari, a tall bear of a man, and right down to da business.

This was da business:
  • A test 50 m just to see if I could swim.
  • 300 m (which I did in forward crawl). Must be under 9 min. Pass!
  • 100 m in breast stroke.  
  • 50 m on my back, doing the frog (breast stroke) kick
  • 50 m as above, this time holding a kickboard in front of me.
  • 100 m on my side, one hand in front, and the other hand at back, holding the kickboard.
  • 50 m towing him while he relaxed on his back, his head and hands on the kickboard. Best nyer dia tu.
  • 50 m freestyle, then 50 m towing him. Must be under 3 min 30 s (for ladies). I managed 2 min 50 s. Pass!
  • 25 m towing him by the chin, then he pretend to struggle, and I did this thing where I subdued him by pinching his nose, whereby his hand would automatically grab my hand, which would then cross his chest to grip him just below the arm pit. Then 25 m swim towing cross chest.
  • 25 m breast stroke swim to him, then he pretend to struggle/lunge for me, and I had to flap backwards to retreat, then immediately dive under and around to grab him cross chest from behind. Then 25 m swim back.
  • After that he tested me on release from two types of clutches – wrist and from behind.
    • He grabbed hold of my wrist with both hands, and I would sharply twist my wrist while using the other hand to yank it out of his clutches, then swim underwater around and behind him and a cross chest grab.
    • He grabbed me from behind, and I would raise my right elbow and grab on to it with my right hand, slide under his right arm and get up behind him, pulling his right arm behind his back, and using my left arm to grab him cross chest. I definitely need practice on this.
  • Then I was tested on two methods of getting away.
    • He lunged towards me, and I ducked underwater, got a firm grip on his chest with both hands, and pushed him away as hard as I could. Then I swam under and behind him, and cross chest grab.
    • He lunged towards me, and I ducked underwater, got a grip on his chest with both hands, and turned him around, so I could grab him from behind, cross chest.

Erm, that was it!

He said I could bank in the money and he would mail me the Bronze Medallion Certificate! 

Time elapsed. 1 hour. 

Betul ke nih? Can one ah, like this? I think I learnt a lot, and it helped get me started on techniques that I need to practice. But Nurina just told me that her Bronze Medallion course took 3 days! I compared with the International Lifesaver minimum competencies, and it has a bunch more things like CPR and underwater swimming. And 'Modern Lifesaving' written by R.G. Underwood in 1963 has even more requirements/recommendations. And lifeguard cum swim coach Bashtiah's experience was also more torturous and thorough (read her account here). So... I'm still scratching my head and wondering if I should call up the LSSM tomorrow before banking in that RM250. 

What do you think?

P.S. So today I called up LSSM and Simon, the guy in charge who referred me to Azahari was surprised I got lulus in 1 hour. He said he would check with Azahari. After they talked, Azahari called me up to reassure me that I was properly tested and had indeed passed. He evaluated me and saw that I was good swimmer, and fit swimmer, and quickly learnt what was needed to pass. And he saw no point in dragging out the session, or adding more sessions. Not sure what to make of this.

P.P.S Here's my Bronze Medallion Certificate. It even came with a bonus certificate stating that I know CPR :O

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xo Gracie


  1. Hi Grace! Sure, you can link my post on the bronze medallion test :)

  2. Thanks Bashtiah, great post!

  3. Hi Grace,

    I am interested in getting my Bronze Medallion. Would like to ask u a few question. Can we exchange emails? :)


    1. Hi Michelle, thanks for stopping by and so sorry I missed getting back to you! I am sure you already got your certification by now, but if you still need to discuss anything you can find me on Facebook. Let's touch base there!

  4. Hi Grace,

    Can you pass me Azahari contact number, i need to recert my bronze asap. Thank you

    1. Hi anonymous, I don't have his number with me but you can reach him through the Lifesaving Society contact linked in my post above. Hope this helps and all the best!


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