Saturday, July 16, 2011

Can Cycling Do THIS?! The Horror

That's Hincapie's varicose vein riddled calf?
I have a phobia of cycling. The bloody carnage that I have been seeing on the Tour de France 2011 (whenever I dare watch) is making me even more afraid to get on my bike. Not only does cycling pose a danger to life and limb, it may sometimes turn your legs downright scary-looking things. George Hincapie's varicose veins are attributed by the Sock Doc to cycling and adrenal stress. I probably do not cycle enough to get this kinda problem, so much for trying to use this as an excuse tee hee. At least I have a relatively safe place to cycle at Kepong Botanical Gardens where there are no cars to run me over!

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xo Gracie

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