Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ohiopyle Odyssey: my longest ride to date

Today Spencer and I met with Jessica and Daniel at Ohiopyle for some bike riding. I didn't quite plan on it but it turned out to be the longest ride in my life so far!

We first hit the must see spots in Ohiopyle including cucumber falls, the natural slide, and the Ohiopyle Falls. Then all packed with food and drink we set off for Connelsville on the rails to trails. I think the stopped every 5 miles for food. It felt just like a trieathlon! If you haven't done this rails to trails route I highly recommend. It's very scenic, crossing the youghegheny a few times and going alongside itost of the way. A 20 mile ride out and back. Once again I overdressed but that's okay. The weather was lovely, starting out at 50°F and climbing to a high 65°F.

On the bridge just out of Ohiopyle town

After lunch at the firefly grill where we fortified ourselves with some outstanding grub, we headed the other way on the rails to trails- this time towards Confluence. At Confluence 10 miles into the ride we parted ways temporarily - Spencer and I went on ahead onto Fire Tower Road, a tough 5 mile climb, while Jess and Daniel turned back. That was the toughest climb I've done so far. For me it was pretty technical being off road and all. But I kept at it and after two hours of climbing we were done! there was a wonderful downhill all the way back to Ohiopyle.

Jess and Daniel at the Firefly Grill

After a spot of shopping at Wilderness Voyageurs outdoor center, we stopped at Falls City Pub and Restaurant for dinner. I loved the wings served with the House sauce. We tried a couple different beers from their goodly sized selection and they were delicious.

Ohiopyle we'll be back soon!

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