Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Templer's Park Natural Swimming Pool

The Taman Rimba Templer Swimming Pool is a great place to practice swimming laps in semi open-water type conditions. Excellent pool close to Kuala Lumpur for folks who want to practice for the swim leg of upcoming triathlons. The pool is about 50 m long and 20 m wide, and is fed by refreshingly cold water from the Templer Waterfalls further upstream.
The Pool fed by icy cold water from the Waterfalls further upstream (steps to Falls rear left)

I’ve played in the Pool before, but never tried swimming laps in it, until today. After work I drove there from FRIM where I work (about 10 minute drive). I parked at the carpark (there are public toilets and changing rooms there). The Pool is a 500 m walk gentle uphill walk into the park, on paved
road (baby stroller-friendly). 

Templer's Park Car Park, then 500 m walk to the Pool

Anytime I see a lake or pond or calm-looking water, I like to jump in and swim. I wish I had done this sooner at the Templer’s Park Pool! It’s practically in my back yard, the short walk to the pool is scenic and a nice warm up, and on weekday evenings it’s mostly deserted so it’s almost like your private outdoor pool. Also, since it’s a spring-fed pool, there is no sticky chlorine residue to itch my sensitive skin or horrible crazy hair tangles to deal with.

Near the bridge overlooking the shallow end of the pool. Steps into the pool on right.

As with any new swimming hole, I proceeded cautiously with a slow breast stroke for my first two laps. I’m afraid of drowning, and I am also afraid of what I can’t see that may be lurking in the water. Although it is a pool, the water flow is a little stronger in one direction and you get a just a little ‘endless pool’ feeling on the return lap. Visibility is about 1 to 2 m. I didn’t see any fish, but I know there are little fishes, maybe even bigger ones, all along the river, so there are probably some in the pool too. What threw me a bit is how shallow the water seems at one end of the pool and I almost didn’t dare to extend my arms all the way, but I never brushed up against the bottom. The shallow end is waist-deep and in the middle is up to my neck. The deep end, I don’t know… I didn’t dare to find out! I might, if I had company though! (Update 9 July: the deep end is about 6 ft only!). The long tailed macaques were my main audience (I was careful to tie my bag tightly to the guard rail because these brats will steal whatever they can get their hands on).

I practiced sighting while taking a breath, every six strokes, to make sure I went straight. I also tried bilateral breathing briefly, but started going way off course, and decided to try again next time round. In total I did about 500 m. It’s so nice to be able to mix it up and get some upper body workout today after the 5 km run yesterday (my first since the Hoohathlon).

At the moment, not sure if I will recover enough before the 1 July deadline for the PD Triathlon registration or if the PD Triathlon will be just a dream (for now). It’s okay though, I’m enjoying the journey just as much!

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xo Gracie


  1. Oh wow .. this is cool ! We're allowed to swim any hours ?

  2. Hi Dogbert, thanks for stopping by. I contacted the Forestry Department and was told that the park doesn't really have 'hours of operation' since overnight camping (free) is allowed. I suppose you could also swim there at any time, but the pool area is not lit at night, so I don't recommend night time dips. Hope this helps!

  3. Hi Gracie. Do you mind if I share this info in my blog. I think its rare to find something this wonderful to swim.

    Hope to see you sat morning entrance of FRIM. I am not driving, Grace. So can we walk/jog from FRIM? :)

  4. Hi Kash! Sure - it's great you are spreading the word on Templer's Park. How bout if I pick you up at the FRIM entrance at 10 am? The van can fit 12 ppl. Then you can jog the 12 km back to FRIM after the swim :p. I gotta send someone to KLIA at 11 am though, so I can't stay too long. See you soon!

  5. Hi Gracie :) I just came to know about this open swimming pool from your blog. I sure will try it out one day! I even bookmarked your page already just to remind myself of it :D

  6. Hi Bashtiah! Thanks for your comment! Templer's Park is AWESOME! Let me know when you wanna visit and need help with directions!


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